"Saving Our Oceans One Coral At A Time"

Exotic Corals and Fish in Knoxville, Tennessee

JKS Aquatics is the destination spot in Knoxville, Tennessee for aquatic livestock, indoor aquariums, and all your outdoor pond needs. We specialize in saltwater aquariums and outdoor water features but carry everything any freshwater enthusiast would crave. Whether you need a complete installation, spring cleanout, or maintenance service for your aquarium or pond then we can help you with that. We know you lead a busy lifestyle, that's why we even offer a Shop online feature and emergency service options.

Full Service Retail Store | OnLine Shopping

Our retail store is open to the public Monday - Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM. Here you'll find dozens of species of exotic fish, corals, and aquatic freshwater plants in-stock and ready to go. Our outdoor water features include Koi ponds, pondless water features, fountains, aquatic plants, and more. We know you lead a busy lifestyle, that's why you can count on us for all your basic livestock, aquarium needs, and pond supplies.

Emergency service option available. Call for details!

Going the extra mile for our clients

With JKS Aquatics, if you see a display you love in our retail store, you can purchase it and take it home. We will deliver it, install it, and maintain it for a low monthly fee. Ask for details!
JKS Aquatics is the area's only aquarium store that aquacultures many types of corals. On any given time, we aquaculture thousands of corals maintaining over 2,000 aquaculture frags ready to go making JKS Aquatics the leading provider of aquacultered coral in the area!
For our aquariums, we use RODI water. RODI water is different from any other water because the water is very clean. It helps prevent bad things from getting into your aquarium systems such as heavy metals and silicates that can cause major problems in your tank. If you need more information about the difference RODI water can make in your aquarium, contact us today at (865) 357-0580.