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Exotic Corals and Fish in Knoxville, Tennessee

JKS Aquatics in Knoxville, Tennessee is a growing aquarium store that offers everything you may need for your aquarium. We also offer pond services that include restoring your existing pond to look brand new. We specialize in carrying exotic fish and corals that belong in freshwater or saltwater. No matter the size of your tank, we have you covered. Contact us today at (865) 357-0580 to learn more about the different services we offer.
Symphysodon discus — Exotic Fish in Knoxville, TN
Colorful butterfly-fish — Exotic Fish in Knoxville, TN
Japanese goldfish — Exotic Fish in Knoxville, TN

Going the extra mile for our clients

JKS Aquatics is able to let you take home any display we have. We will deliver it, install it, and maintenance it, all for a low monthly fee.

JKS Aquatics is the area's only aquarium store that is 100% lite by Kessil Lighting. Kessil Lighting is the only LED lighting company that has a in-house custom blend of lights that specifically meet aquarium needs. With these lights, you are able to enjoy the natural colors of your fish and coral.

For our aquariums, we use RODI water. RODI water is different than any other water because the water is very clean. It helps prevent bad things from getting into your aquarium systems such as heavy metals and silicates that can cause major problems in your tank. If you have more questions about the difference of RODI water, contact us today at (865) 357-0580.